In Silence

Be still. Listen to the stones of the wall. Be silent, then try to speak your name. Listen to the living walls. Who are you? Who are you? Whose silence are you? Who (be quiet) are you (as these stones are quiet). Do not think of what you are still less of what you may


I don’t get photos of the three of us together very often unless we’re all squished in for a selfie. My Dad sent me this picture he snapped of us last weekend. I knew Adora outgrew me this spring, and Grace is well on her way. I always knew this would happen eventually but it


I’m going to go for a 10k run today. Right now I’m tucked under a cozy grey blanket with a cup of coffee and the Griffin Poetry Prize 2014 Anthology trying to figure out how to get from here to there. ————— This weekend we are driving up to Kamloops to drop our kids off